Never miss out on an order again!

Stockbot lets you know as soon as your inventory levels have fallen below the thresholds you have set on your Shopify store.

Set it and forget it - receive daily alerts when your stock reaches a minimum level and get advance notice on when you should resupply.


Easily get rid of 0 stock inventory!

Wipeout quickly hides or deletes your out-of-stock products with 0 inventory and saves you time. We know you have better things to do than periodically going through your store and removing old inventory one-by-one by hand.

No matter how big your Shopify store, this nifty app removes out of stock products and sends you an email report when it is done.


Low Inventory Viewer

See all products running low on stock!

Low Inventory Viewer is a time-saving Shopify app that lets you filter all product variants that are running low on stock and displays the information at a high-level.  

Now you don't have to drill-down manually into each product to figure out which variant is running low. You can set the low stock threshold for your store as you see fit.