Wipeout : Publish Logic recent changes

Wipeout app will only publish BACK-IN-STOCK products - Products that were out-of-stock the previous day and have been re-stocked since then.


  1. This means : if you turn OFF Automatic Publish and then press the Manual Publish button 10 days later or turn back ON the Automatic Publish option 10 days later, only the back-in-stock products since the 9th day will be published. Any products that might have come back-in-stock during the time Automatic Publish was OFF will have been missed by the app and will never be published by the app.

  2. If you have deliberately hidden an in-stock product that was visible to customers then the app will not publish it since it is not a back-in-stock product. This way products you don’t want published will stay hidden.

  3. When you newly install the app for the very first time, only products back-in-stock AFTER the installation date will be published. Because the app has no way of knowing whether a product was out-of-stock before you installed the app.

In addition to Back-in-Stock products, the app will also publish below products like it has always done :

  • newly created in-stock products (may be discontinued in future due to Shopify limitation)

  • in-stock products that now have a photo. (may be discontinued in future)

  • in-stock products no longer excluded in the app

The app will NOT hide or publish products that customers can purchase even if out-of-stock. This is because such products are considered to be always in-stock.


Back-in-Stock products:

Products that were out-of-stock the previous day and have been re-stocked since then.

Newly Created products:

In-stock Products newly created since the previous day.

Photos added:

In-stock products kept hidden because they do not have a photo will be published when a photo is added.

Exclusions removed:

In-stock products that were excluded in the app will be published when their exclusion is removed