Stockbot: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Answer : Yes! You get a 14-day free trial with full access to all the features so you can try before you buy

  • How's your customer support?

    Answer : Just check out our app's reviews that praise our customer support. We are a highly responsive team. All queries will be answered within 24 hours (typically sooner than that).

  • What time of the day will I receive the low-stock email report?

    Answer :

    Daily morning emails are sent between 4:00AM & 5:00AM Eastern time

    Daily evening emails are sent between 5:00PM & 6:00PM Eastern time

    Weekly emails are sent on Mondays between 4:00AM & 5:00AM Eastern time

    Hourly emails are sent 24x7 every hour

  • What extras do I get if I sign-up for the premium plan?

    Answer :

    Our suggestion: Start with the basic plan and if you need any of the above features you can always upgrade
    • 24x7 hourly alerts
    • collection-level alerts
    • web dashboard with low inventory products
  • How do Hourly Alerts work? Will I get the same email over and over every hour?

    Answer : Hourly alerts only send out products that "newly" went out of stock since the previous hour. So you will not receive duplicate emails. Perfect for the Holiday Season Sales Rush

  • What's the difference between store-wide and individual product alerts?

    Answer : If you set a store-wide alert threshold then every product variant in your store is checked against that alert level. You can also set alerts on only specific products or variants each with its own alert threshold Additionally you can set alert threshold on individual products and also enable store-wide threshold for the rest of the products in the store. Simple check the checkbox under store-wide alerts that says"Enable both store-wide AND single-product alerts with above number as base level"All this is available in the basic plan for $5/month

  • I'm a dropshipper. Can I send low stock emails for different collections to the vendor who supplies that collection?

    Answer : Yes you can. Collection-level alerts that send low stock emails to separate email ids are available in the Premium plan for $20/month

  • We have different staff that handles inventory for different collections. Can I send low stock emails for different collections to the relevant staff's email?

    Answer : Yes you can. Collection-level alerts that send low stock emails to separate email ids are available in the Premium plan for $20/month

  • I need a feature that is not in your app? Can you add it

    Answer : No problem. Just send us the feature request and we will get it done for you at the earliest. If you have a feature request then most likely other storeowners have the same need. Usually if we are not working on someone else's feature request, we jump on yours immediately. Please Note: the feature should be an enhancement to the core functionality of the app and should not be a custom request just for your store.


Stockbot: Shopify app to notify you when products are low or out of stock

Hello Shopify Storeowner!

If you are looking for a painless way to get notified when your products are running low on stock, Stockbot app is the answer.

StockBot lets you know as soon as your inventory levels have fallen below the thresholds you have set. Set it and forget it - receive daily alerts when your stock reaches a minimum level and get advance notice on when you should resupply.

Get a daily email notifying you of low inventory levels

Allows you to set up minimum inventory levels

Easy to use and configure

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Set up an alert per product or for the entire store. Add any number of product alerts by uploading them easily via a text file.
  • 2. Receive a daily or weekly email of any products that have low inventory levels. Report will also be attached to the email and can be opened in Microsoft Excel
  • 3. Restock your low inventory. Profit!

It's that easy. Stay on top of your inventory and keep your customers happy!

Ready to try out Stockbot? 

Click Here to install the app to your Shopify store